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USB to RS485 / RS422 Converter FTDI CHIP with Terminals

Part # GM-482422

Status: Available

USB to RS-485 / RS-422 Converter contains an FTDI Chip with terminals photoelectric interface can convert the single ended USB signal into difference RS-422 or RS-485 signal. The converter includes Transient Voltage Suppressor technology!


Product Documentation & Drivers

USB to RS485 / RS422 Converter FTDI CHIP with Terminals

Part # GM-482422
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Provide Full Or Half Duplex Signals Without A jumper!

Connect your RS 422 or RS 485 peripheral to a USB Port and instantly protect against 600W lightning strikes and 15KV ESD surges. Using its FTDI FT232RL chip set, you’ll have plug-and-play features and transmission rates from 300 to 921,600bps automatically detected. Great for point to multi-point communication with up 32 devices connected per converter!

Serial Converter Circuit RS422

Unique Circuit

The converter contains a unique I/O circuit with an internal zero delay. The auto transceiver within controls the data stream automatically without any handshaking signals such as RTS, DTR, etc.

Small and Compact RS422 RS485 Serial Converter

Super Compact Design

The GM-482422 is a small, compact converter that handles big communication jobs in converting RS 485 to RS 422.

Screw Down Terminal for RS485 Wiring

No Accidental Disconnects

Make your connections safe, simple, and secure with screw down terminals on our RS422/485 adapter. Just strip your wires, insert, and tighten it down.

GM-482422 USB to RS485 / RS422 Converter FTDI Chip with Terminals photoelectric isolation interface converter can convert the single ended USB signal into difference RS422 or RS485 signal. There is also a rapid transient voltage suppression protector for protection of RS422 / RS485 interface with advanced TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) technology

Under normal conditions the TVS tube is in a state oh high resistance. However, when both ends of the TVS tube are hit by transient high energy, the impedance at the both ends can be depressed by the TVS at very high speed. After absorbing a high current, the voltage between the two ends is depressed and kept at a pre-set value; therefore no damage is caused to the electrical components behind the transient high voltage impact.

Standards Supported

  • USB v. 1.0, 1.1, 2.0
  • TIA/EIA RS-422, RS485

Additional Features

  • RS-485 Signals: T/R+, T/R-, GND
  • RS-422 Signals: TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-, GND
  • Modes: Asynchronous, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, 2-Wire (Half-Duplex), 4-Wire (Full-Duplex)
  • Transmission Rates: 300 to 921,600bps, automatic detection of signaling rate
  • Load Capability: 32 devices in Point-to-Multipoint topology.
  • Transmission Distance: RS485/422: 1.2km (all rates), USB: 5 Meters
  • Interface Protection: 600W Lightning Strike and surge suppression, +- 15KV ESD protection
  • Signaling Diagnostics: LEDs for POWER, TX and RX
  • Dimensions: 62x33x19 mm
  • Working environment: -40C to 85C, RH 5%-95%
  • Chipset: FTDI FT232RL

OS Support

  • Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, an 10
  • Linux
  • Mac OS 10.X

In the Box

  • USB to RS485 / RS422 Converter FTDI CHIP with Terminals
  • Latest FTDI Driver (also available for download)
  • GM-482422 Product Manual (also available for download)

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Manufacturer: GearmoWarranty: 1 YearAvailability: Available
Barcode: 729440692391Ship Weight: 0.80Condition: New
Part Number: GM-482422Color: --Length/Size: in
Port Count: 1Port Type: Male DB9 /W NutsInput Voltage: Unspecified or N/A
Temperature(Op): -40C ~ 85CESD Protection: 15KVSerial Modes: Array
LEDs: ArrayIsolation: --Chip: --


Manufacturer: Gearmo
Barcode: 729440692391
Part Number: GM-482422
Warranty: 1 Year
Ship Weight: 0.80
Color: --
Availability: Available
Condition: New
Port Count: 1
Port Type: Male DB9 /W Nuts
Input Voltage: Unspecified or N/A
Temperature(Op): -40C ~ 85C
ESD Protection: 15KV
Isolation: --
Serial Modes: Array
LEDs: Array
Chip: --

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